Friday, October 8, 2010


Striker Marvin Olalekan Ogunjimi of table-topping Racing Genk has opted to feature for adopted country Belgium and not Nigeria, where his father is from
Mind u, In January, this same idiot had expressed disappointment over the Super Eagles performance at the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola and offered to play for Nigeria.
Anyways shaa, whether u play for Naija ohh...or u no wan play the end of the day, life still goes on... and more talents will be scouted.
U see this is usually what happens when all these Naija guys go overseas, marry a foreigner and start up a family...But fail to instill that Naija culture into their kids right from when they were born. Even if dem no get money to buy ticket and fly back to Naija once in a least try teach the kids their culture and every other stuff associated with it while overseas.

Anyways Mr. Marvin I know there will always be one word that will keep on resonating in our minds whenever we see u anywhere.......SELLOUT :)