Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Recently, this Idiot right here had the nerves to open his big ass lips and say that home based players were not yet ripe enough to play for the Super Eagles.

WTF  yo....First of all your old ass dont need to even be on the team....Secondly U have sucked for the past few yrs now, and thats why Everton Loaned you out....and thridly, U STILL SUCK, and for ur info, nah u be the cause of our early exit from this world cup wey just pass.

Nna ehn, the way people dey talk sometimes ehhn.....me i no just understand. I know there are so many Naija players playing abroad, but how many of them are even that good enough to make the team?  This is like the same mentality about people who schooled abroad have a better opportunity of getting a job quicker than people who schooled in Naija. Yes thats true, but that doesnt mean they are smarter than the people who schooled in Naija for goodness sake

Why i dey even waste my time dey talk about this fool self...smchew

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