Tuesday, October 19, 2010


(shout out to Ernest Ekezie for the pic)

You know I've never seen Peter smiling this hard in a pic...Its usually his fans that are smiling real hard when they take pics with him. I guess level pass level for this one :)........You see I'm just trying to imagine in my head what really transpired before Peter and Drake took this pic.

Peter sees Drake from afar, and says "Come ohh na the Drake guy be that ohh" Infact make i go holla am ..as per my fellow musician nah. Peter goes behind Drake and taps him from the back
Peter: Hello..shey u are Drake?
Drake: Whatta??...Who da F**k are u, SON???
Peter: I'm Peter from P-square.
Drake: P WHAT?...WTF!!!
Peter: ah ah nah...Haven't you heard of us? We are like u, but we operate in Naija and Africa as a whole
Drake: Well I'm sorry Bro...havent seen or heard your music before.
Peter: So you are trying to tell me that u have never heard of any of our songs? Ifunanya, Danger?
Drake: NO
Peter: what of "Do me"?
Drake NOPE!!
Peter: "No one like u" or "bizzy body" nko?
Drake: Nah Nigga I'm sorry i dont know these names u talking bout
Peter: Okay oh Sorry. Well i'm Peter shaa. Maybe when you go back home, go to you-tube and put in P-square. The computer will even spell our name for you.
Drake: Aight ma Nigga. Its all luv u feel me.We still entertainers, getting dat money and P***y all day
Peter: Yesi yesi i know what you mean. Okay can we take a pic?
Drake: okay ma Nigga.



  1. I'm Peter from P-Square. LMFAO

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