Thursday, October 28, 2010


In line with the provision of the Islamic legal code, the Vice Chancellor of the Niger State government-owned Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Professor Ibrahim Adamu Kolo, has outlawed hugging of female students in the university.

My guy even went further saying that anybody wey dem catch dey hug any female will be severely dealt wit. I swear this guy has lived up to his name, cos im done really Kolo ehh

Describing hugging and embracing of female students as immoral, the vice chancellor said the management had decided to "forgive" those caught in the act but said those affected had been noted and would be closely watched by the authorities.

 This kind of event just dey remind me of those days for Madonna University, when some security guys been won flog me bcos i been dey chat with woman for one of the empty classrooms (after 6pm).
Nothing wey person no go see for Naija now dem don stop men to dey hug wetin dem want make we come dey do nah?...dey hug our fellow men?...Its a freaking UNIVERSITY for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!!
another indirect way of promoting homosexuality juo :)



  1. u were in Madonna...?

  2. Yes ohh...but just for 3weeks shaa..b4 i run come this area wey i dey now.