Friday, October 8, 2010


Ok a certified hooligan posted this pic on Facebook, and had the nerves to tag people in it...and I'm still trying to figure out why someone would post this on a public site??
I'm prob guessing this was his babe b4..but they now had some quanta, and he decided to put her naked pic online in order to disgrace her or smth.
ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS......anyways i hope this go be lesson to all of una wey like to dey take naked pics up and down...or even allowing ur boyfriend or girlfriend to take naked pics of u......cos one day when problem go burst, this might be the outcome.
  So pls my people if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend that is either wicked, quick to temper, say hurtful things to u, or even potrays some sort of retardation at some point (whether before or during ur relationship).......then dont let him/her bring a camera close to u whenever u naked.
Nice tataas tho :)           But as for her face? i dont know bout that :(


  1. Now I feel like touching something :)

  2. poor girl... unah for pity am cut her face comot nah...

  3. Riders dis post don too stay na, story don finish???? - Jokpa

  4. HA AH ...Jokparo i been go small vacation..but i don land again..ha ha

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