Tuesday, September 28, 2010


OKAY I THINK THIS WHOLE KIDNAPPING STUFF HAS CROSSED THE F**K** LINE. This was even broadcast on CNN....so that shows u how bad it was.

"Gunmen suspected to be kidnappers on Monday morning hijacked a school bus conveying 15 pupils of Abayi International School, Osisioma, near Aba to their school and took them to an unknown destination.
Investigations revealed that most of the kidnapped school children were nursery and primary school pupils.
The kidnappers were said to have demanded N20 million ransom for the release of the kids."

The Southeast (esp Abia state) is just a mess for real.....They've had the most kidnapping incidents, and yet the gov't haven't come up with any solution to solving this bullcrap.
It's just sickening to see this type of activity happen mainly in the South east region of Naija. Especially in the Igbo States.......JEEZ... And later u gonna see people still supporting for the creation of BIAFRA, cos they feel it will be the end to the igbo peeps problems.

Sick n tired of all these kidnapping bull; Sick n tired of Southeastern Naija, where nothing ever goes right; Sick n tired of all those greedy igbo peeps out there that would literally do anything just to make money; Sick n tired of the whole BIAFRAN FUCKERY; Sick n tired of Naija government for not being able to find measures to eliminate this whole kidnapping crap and protect its citizens.....I'm done with this messss


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