Sunday, September 26, 2010

BACK IN DA DAYS!!!..........HA HA HA

In my own perspective, i think what makes this pic mad funny is to know that someone actually took a pic of these dudes when they were being be senior those days for skul dey sweet ohh
HA HA ...This was just one of the several punishments they used to give us back in those days for secondary skul. Shout out to all ma Navy Sec School Port Harcourt  peeps jare. Like for real, the kind punishment wey man don see for military skuls no be small thing. But on a second thought, military skuls dey use style abuse children ohh......Isn't this kind of punishment suppose be for like hardened criminals n stuff....DAYUM...  I did  this punishment before, and one thing i gotta say bout it.... NOT COOL:(


  1. I will never forget the first and only day i was told to 'pin my head' (name of d punishment in d pix), if not for the pain from the useless navyman's boots i was sure i wont do such a nasty stunt, ur whole body is made to rest solely on the tip of ur forehead and ur toes, very dreadful indeed...but on hindsight, I cant trade those days for any of these bread and butter schools of these days...NNSSPh was an adventure! Bravo Ryders... Jokparo!!!

  2. Oh my God. This was the worst punishment ever. "ride Your bike" was intensed too. lol. Miss P.O Nwanmuo and L.S Onwuta days :)