Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So guys meet Martha Godwin. She's the daughter of a soldier, and she is popularly know as "barrack gial"
Alrite Matha has a boyfriend named Umar, an okada driver
And Martha just started going out with Mohammed Erena, the son of a prominent politician in Niger state.
I'm sure this is not a surprise to us cos most babes in Naija (esp the ones from poor families) usually have 2 boyfriends at the same time.
boyfriend #1: The one wey suffer to toast the babe, finally got her, and offering her companionship and regular servicing.
boyfriend #2: The one wey no need even say PEEM!!!..cos money will do the talking, and he offers her both monetary incentives and servicing (but mainly there for monetary incentives)
Okay so as i was saying, Mohammed just came back from Jand to spend a few days in Naija, so he went to pick up Martha and they went to a local joint. So in the process of them trying to go back home, GUESS WO SHOWED UP? poor Umar the okada kid. After a heated arguement between both men, at the end of the night, Martha went with Mohammed (HA HA if na u, u no go choose mercedes over okada?). But Umar no gree him and his friend chased them with his okada. And before u know wetin dey happen, Mohammed felt he was being insulted, so he decided to reverse and crushed Umar and his friend to death....and the funniest part was that he left Martha right there and ran sped off. LOL.
Anyways the lesson of this story be say... if u are willing to kill ur fellow man because of a woman, then u better make sure that the lady is a freaking dime piece...this way u no go regret at all, and even people wey go hear the news no go too blame u shaa :)
But if u kill ur fellow man just for a woman that looks like this right here????? Then I'll personally suggest that tires need to be put over ur head.....soak u real good with petrol, and burn ur stupid ass alive......nuff said


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