Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So our "One hittest wonderers" uncle Shina Peters was in Yankee, and he was supposed to perform in Maryland during the weekend. But unfortunatley the show was shut down by police, cos the organizers didnt have a liquor permit. So everybody start to dey go their mama house nah. Cos dem know say this one no be Naija police wey u go give bribe n sh**.
You see this is what happens when we take all this our toutish and nonchalant attitude to another land. Cos seriously, how da heck will the Organizers not know that they needed to have Liquor permit while they were serving liquor? Or dem think say na for Shrine wey dem dey do the show?. Anyways shaa i no sure say Uncle Shina Peters was bothered cos I believe he already got his pay in advance.
This na why i no like to dey go most of these Naija events...cos the so called organizers never do things right. we are prob the most disorganized set of peeps in Yankee....the truth is bitter , but thats just what it is.

On the other hand, i'm still surprised peeps actually paid to go see our Uncle Shina perform.....like seriously how many songs does this dude have?..Cos I believe i was still in primary school when he made his last album....Anyways Uncle Shina nothing do u jare.....u too much, and we dey believe u scatter :)

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