Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So the Yobe State Gov't is planning to build 31 standard public toilets in the 17 council areas of the state...and the so called toilet-project is worth more than N200 million.....

So if i'm not mistaken, 1 toilet will cost about N6 milla to build.....AS IN 1 TOILET OHH...ordinary basic laterine...
A whole Yobe State wey their land dey barren on a 24/7 basis. Instead of the Governor to find a way to provide food for the people, na toilet wey be im concern. After-all no be when person chop well, wey im go come go toilet?
Secondly, what is actually the need for the toilets when there's no reliable water system to run them?
before u know it, our usual lack of maintenace style will make the same toilet horrible for its users (If u dont understand what i mean, then go take a visit to a public toilet in Naija..esp those ones wey dey located for motor-park areas.)
You see this is the kind of news that u can hear only in a country like Naija....and later we go want make people from other countries dey respect us....


  1. Only in Naija. they better include an AC in the toilet too.

  2. And blackberry!!hahaha