Wednesday, September 8, 2010


WTF is wrong with this dude for real?.....always thinking bout some messed up sh** to do. Last time, na music wey im won dey sing...and now he's trying to do his own reality bull***
I would really love to know which girls will go for the so called audition, cos this is just Krazyyyyy. Which kind name come be "JewelforJim"?......WTF were him and his organizers thinking?  Even this one wey dem decide to do the audition for Yankee, I'm just wondering if the reality show will take place in Naija or Yankee? or maybe they just tried to do the auditioning here in Yankee so that people back in Naija would be like "o boy na Naija Yankee babes dey the show ohh..i no go miss am". Cos we all know say Naija peeps too like anything Yankee.
Abeg Abeg...and I'll keep on saying it....if any of una know this man, abeg make una help me beg am, make im stop all this barbash wey im dey do. He should stick to his acting jare

But I think the best part of this flyers is the place where they wrote "Eligibility - Ladies Only"          HA HA.. this people no go kill person ehh...dem no won hear say man come do audition :)