Thursday, September 23, 2010


THE National Examination Council (NECO), on Monday, released the results of the June/July Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE), which showed another poor performance by candidates that sat for the examination.

While a total of 1,143, 169 candidates registered for the examination, 1,132,357 actually sat for the examination.

A breakdown of the results showed that only 244,456 candidates passed English Language at credit level  while 279,974 passed Mathematics.  

This is just Boolony. ABEG WHICH KIND COUNTRY BE THIS !!! nothing just seem to be right..i mean nothing. I was in the forum online and this was what one guy said:

"I remembered those days when the front of our exercise books used to have inscription like '' scholars,exercise books and many other motivational captions'' but these days,what you see are pictures of paloma and diego,terry G,Timaya,Aki and paw-paw,Drogba,Rooney would these children learn when they are surrounded by bad influence."

LOL LOL.....and this is so true, coupled with the fact our educational system has been in coma for almost 2 decades. But at the same time, this whole NECO bullsh** shuld be eliminated jare. Cos as far as i'm concerned, its just a stupid ass joke.


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