Monday, September 27, 2010


So our Chimpy came with four of his aides to the UN headquarters building in New York, and guess wetin happen? DEM BOUNCE MY GUY FOR GATE EHH......

However, President Obasanjo was heard begging the security operatives to let him into the building because he wanted to pay an unofficial visit to a top official of the world body, though he agreed that he only came to the United States to attend the annual Clinton Global Initiative Meeting but decided to visit the United Nations headquarters as a former Special Envoy.Our Correspondent also reported that all his pleading fell on the deaf ears of the Security Operatives who eventually invited one of their bosses in order to personally address the former Nigerian President.
HA HA MY GUY DEY BEG EHH......Anyways Mr. monkey, its like u totally forgot that u weren't in Naija.
I'm even surprised he didnt use the common Naija big man question "do you know who I am?"

Although after much begging, they finally let him in shaa.....but his aides waited outside. Well ThankGod say dem no fall im hand 100% completely.....if not I for wonder if this people no dey fear face again ehh :)

But DAYUM....for seme reason, anytime i hear a news bout this guy, i just cant help myself but say "this guy is really one ugly mo-fo for real"...DANM SON :)


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