Monday, September 20, 2010


So this eye-sore, Tunde Badmus was caught sometime last week while attempting a robbery operation. Mind you he just came out from a 3 yr jail term for robbery, and he's right back at it again.
While confessing, he started narrating how he fell in love with armed robbery, and also how whenever he went on any operation with his gang members, he was always out to rape his female victims as a seal to the success of the operation and as a means of letting out the sexual starvation/drought which he could have found difficult to satisfy normally (due to his damaged looks i believe).

But damn can u imagine being raped by this fing here......if i be woman, i go prefer make dem shoot me, than for this animal to do anyhow for my body...Like seriously tho, this dude is as ugly as sin!!!!.   But on a serious not tho, I've noticed that there's more tendency for fugly peeps to become criminals than good looking peeps. and I'm still trying to figure out why? Think about it...most of the criminals,  both the ones in government, and the ones that do operate in the streets do have this fugliness thingy in common :)

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