Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lace Wig

Una go talk say my wahala too much. I like women, I like African women with big yansh and big juggs, I like Nigerian women, I love say dem sabi cook and sabi take care of man but one thing wey I hate na 9ja women for na dem "WEAVE and WIG mentality".

One chicka wey I dey mess with back in the days just call me about 2 weeks ago, we gist small until she break the news oooo..

Girl : E get one thing wey I need make you do for me
Wale: If e dey my power, no wahala
Girl: No worry abeg I no wan wahala you, I know say America tough this time
Wale: Why you go say make I no worry?
Girl: Ok (hesitating)...hmmm, e get one of my friends wey dey wed
Wale: Wetin come happen
Girl: I wan buy lace wig for the occassion
Wale: Lace??? Why you wear Ankara wey u get? Na today?
Girl; No, this one na wig oooo and e cost 150,000 naira
Wale: WHAT???? I dey come make I google the kain wig wey be the cost of one MBA class
Girl: U no go see the picture
Wale: I go call you later... I dey enter tunnel (run comot phone sharp-sharp)
Girl: Thanks

Na hin I start to dey google lace wig oooo. My expectation be say, the wig must get gold or diamond accent, the wig must fit drive and must fit fry eggs. Eventually I see the picture ooo, e be like say " dem tie wrapper for head".

Why person go put 150,000 naira do hair? On top that, una go still WOWO like shit. Me I tire 9ja girls oooo


  1. lmao. my dear Wale please tell them. I cant stop laughing at the picture

  2. bahahahahaha " wig must fit fry egg" oh wow

  3. @ Ene, if wig cost 150k, e suppose fit change oil for car, fit fry egg and fit go buy condom

  4. HA HA HA HA HA. Naija Women and their wigs.