Saturday, September 18, 2010


5 Youth corpers (4 babes and one guy) were kidnapped last two days by unknown gunmen at their corpers lodge at community secondary school in Omuma local govt area of Rivers State. (this isnt the pic of the kidnapped victims ohh....but if u look well u might see someone u know in this pic. lol)
They said the gunmen came in an SUV, shot sporadically into the air to scare away folks, and later abducted the Youth Corpers. It was heard that the police was contacted during the period of operation, and were mobilized to the scene (YEAH RIGHT). And by the time they got there, the gunmen don scampeh with their victims......ha ha, DUMBASS Naija police them :) I'm even surprised they even managed to go there self...i was expecting them to say their usual silly ass excuses like "we no get fuel for motor" or "our bullet no plentii".......
But come to think about it...WHICH KAYIN COUNTRY BE THIS SELF?.....corpers wey their allawi no dey even do them for 2 im dem dey kidnap crime to serve ur papa land again....THIS IS PURE BULLSH** AND UNACCEPTABLE......and its so painful to know that the Naija govt havent been able to find measures to eliminate this whole kidnapping crap for over three yrs now......this is just sickening jare.

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