Monday, September 13, 2010


WHY? WHY? WHY?....well i dont know about u guys, but by bodi just dey sweet me somehow anytime i see smth like this. To be honest i haven't had a really correct draw soup in a while ehh. even the person wey dey chop the soup self no even sabi. U know u need some certain skills to be an expert in eating draw soup...cos no be everybody sabi am. But if u wonna acquire these special skilss, then holla at ya boy. But seriously tho, u see this is why i dey miss home sometimes. At least u know for sure say ingredients go always dey on a 24/7 basis.
But there's also smth i've always noticed ...Is it just me, or outside food dey usually sweet pass? Ofcurse the food we eat in our various homes is sweet. But.. but Damn ...there's just smth about eating either in a restaurant or in a family friends house. The food always taste different and so sweet..infact i no know jare...whatever...i hope i'm not the only one that feels this way shaa :)


  1. lwkmd. This outside food matter is so true.

  2. love the picture and saved a copy. 'Hope you don't mind!

  3. Ah i no mind ohh...carry go.....maybe if it was real, then i would have minded small