Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Guys meet Dr. Ifeanyi C. Obiakor. I sure say una no know this man before...and i never knew him too. But one thing we need know is that he just finished building the largest hospital in Brooklyn NY. Even Gov. Peter Obi of anambra was even there to Commission it. What an accomplishment jare. You see this is the type of positive news that we need to be hearing about we Naija peeps around the world. To build hospital na beans? talkless of building the largest in Brooklyn ke.

Umm but come to think about it, the last time i checked, there are thousands of 1st class hospitals here in Yankee.....And at the same time, so many people back in Naija are still dying of Malaria and typhoid sickness, and lack access to even standard hospitals.  
SO WHAT HAPPENED TO BUILDING SUCH HOSPITAL IN YOUR OWN HOMELAND WHERE IT IS DESPERATELY NEEDED????? .....u see this is what we talking about some of these rich Naija peeps....instead of investing in their own country, the prefer doing it outside...........freaking jerk!!!


  1. i agree with you. what a sell out. smcheeww

  2. This is just the beginning. For as long as the government decides to act dumb, we shall continue seeing stuff like this happen. E don dey happen for sports/olympic already etc. Naija no safe to do business again. Na which light the guy wan take run such a facility in Nigeria? Think about it. One could end up losing for doing business in a country as unstable as ours.

    As my aunt once said, we need a revolution. We need get rid of the all them old bastards in government. Lets see what the youth have got to offer.

  3. He is a crook. Another 419er who unfortunately is a Doctor. EFCC will get to him sooner or later.

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