Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A 10 yr old gial Kudirat Raji just commited sucide. She lived with her older sister and the husband. She was sent on an errand within the house, but when she didnt respond, they started looking for her, and found her where she hanged herself. NAWA OHH.

WHATTA HECK DOES A 10 YR OLD KNOW ABOUT LIFE?  I would really love to know why she committed such act...is it cos she got fired from work, or she just finally ended a long time relationship, or she got a lot of bills to pay, or her family disowned her? Cos this is some serious Ish, and i'm actually trying to imagine whatta heck i was thinking when i was 10 yrs old...

Umm waking up in the AM; being baffed by our housegial :) food already dey for table; driver don carry me go skul; waiting to hear that break-time bell so that i will go play oga with the lil chicks :)  ....do after skul lesson, go back home; play with my action figure toys or play daddy & Mummy :) ... chop; sh** for pole and nyash being cleaned by housegial (when necessary); play small poju poju when NEPA take light (na that time wey 95% of us start to dey learn and do bad thing) .... and finally sleep..and the cycle continues over and over, until puberty start to kick in.  U see from 10-14 yrs should actually be the best time in anyone's  life....So I'm just trying to imaging what went wrong in this girls case. Well whatever the case may be, God forgive her :(

(Nigerian Tribune)


  1. Che ya... poor girl. I'm sure there's more to the story. Maybe she was being abused or something. How sad!

  2. anything wey oyinbo do, we sef go copy...
    so children in nigeria have started committing suicide too? @ the age of 10? how will suicide enter your mind at that age?