Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oba of Benin curses kidnappers in Edo state!!!

Okay, first of all we have to apologize, because this gist is very late.
this happened before the world cup sef! so sorry...

So the Oba of Benin, Oba Erediuwa along with all the native doctors, gathered together to invoke curses on all the kidnappers in Edo state.
so Nigerian police don dey useless so-tay nah native doctors + witches and wizards they do their work for dem? eh? nothing wey we no go hear for this country...

now, a lot of people don dey talk, u know, all this 'educated' people, wey don go school so-tay, dem no believe say anything like juju dey exist. dem dey talk say the practice dey barbaric and backward.

me i no agree with dem, we already dey barbaric, so how dis one come matter again?
me i dey go church well-well, but i strongly believe say juju dey work, e come be benin juju for that matter...

i no blame the Oba abeg, the kidnappers were making life hell, so they had to take matters into their own hands.

the gist wey I dey hear now be say, all the kidnappers don run comot from Benin bcos of the jazzing go ibo land.(dem no dey fear? u see all d juju wey dey that picture?)

Ibo people i think una know wetin to do to pursue dem comot from una land?...

i know sure say Naija go fit change again. no hope.

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  1. A rather poor write up overall. You started with standard English, then changed to pidgin, then used both within one sentence, making the whole tone of your write up discordant. Sentences are started with lower and so much more.

    Writing is difficult, writing pidgin even more so, obviously much too difficult for you, so stick to substandard english. I'd say, if you must write.

    One other thing, YOU may be "barbaric", I will beg you not to taint me with the same brush of ignorance. I come from a civilisation that has existed for thousands of years and survived much vicissitudes and will continue to do so, If you are too stupid to see this, that is your problem.

    With people like you in Nigeria, yes it will never change for the better. Americans wake up in the morning and say god save america, the british wake up and say god save the queen, but Nigerians say they are barbaric and expect that to make their lives better.