Monday, July 26, 2010


Okay ohh so na now wey we just dey wake up from our sleep huh :)

Anyways if i can recall, i posted the news about the Naija producer that was arrested by Ghanaian police, and told to pay N1000 in order to make or act a movie in Ghana.
Anyways shaa i guess Nollywood don vex, and dem don bring out their own rules which all foreign producers and actors would adher to, in order for them to work in Naija. The guidelines are as follows

“Any foreign actor participating in any of Nollywood productions will be compelled to pay the sum of $2,500, while any producer or director working on a production in the country will pay the sum of $2,500 . Others include screen writer($2,500), production company($10,000), creative designer($2,000), production manager($1,500) and Assistant Director($1,500) amongst others.”
Umm this is kind of cool. Its bout time we stand up jare....afterall na Ghollywood wey cause am (still cant get over this Ghollywood name sef). Anyways that one concern both of them juo.....

But u see at the same time i think this is kind of good for the industry ohh....this way now, the actors will have to increase their own fee, so more money for them. I guess it would be the actors that might even gain at the end. In fact make i kukuma go enter my acting class back again ehh....u never know where blessings fit come from ehh :)
but u know i cant stop laughing...see a whole Ghana wey we been dey rub vaseline for nyash, dey change their napkin back in da days...... well i must continue to say this...Na we cause am :)


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