Monday, July 26, 2010


 Just tot i should post this picture up here....FIrst of all shout out to Emma Okoli for capturing such a great picture (although he should have snapped it at a close distance shaa)

So my boy was coming from Connecticut to New York, which is like an hr drive. While driving happily and peacefully, guess wetin im eye see for road?........A freaking Volks Wagen bus...those types wey dem dey use do bus transportation for Lagos..una know wetin i dey yarn nah...those ones wey dem dey colour yellow, wey the windows no dey fit open, and their engine dey for back, instead of front :)     Na im my booy snap the bus sharp sharp ehh.

If u think say i dey lie, see am for yourself nah. if u no look well sef, u go even think say na Naija be that. But that na one route 15 highway for Connecticut ohh. Well my point is....ummmm ...umm ..anything wey dey for Naija, dey Yankee too.  I even don see Latrine toilet for hia self :)


  1. Oboy na my product be thatoooo incase you no know, that the day we were coming to your wedding, na Paul Camry dey front sooo, Paul and the guy begin drive aka Hausa.

  2. Wonder's shall never end lol..
    u guys could have been amazed had someone stuck out, yelling aje aje direct, 20 bucks!!! lol

  3. ha ha Emma na true fact i go give u credit for this pic jare.... @ Den i wont be surprised if that happens ...afterall dem dey do am for London :)