Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Okay This sounds very absurd..but I am not surprised at all cos me too self been witness some crazier incidents too.
My friend just been tell me say Madonna University, has adopted this rule wey if u make noise in a queue, you will pay a fine of N10,000. LIKE SERIOUSLY? 10,000 ke?  Just for making noise in a queue? This Father Ede self ehhn, i weeda ohh. Anyways i guess its his school and he can make up whatever policy he wants.
I even attended that school (just for two weeks shaa) and the reason I left was because of craps like this. For my own case, i been dey chill with one girl/chika/control for one of the buildings. Mind u, this was around that kind 6:30pm. Later two security guards just come meet us, dey talk say both of us dey do bad thing....and before u know wetin dey happen, one of them just carry kane flog me for back. KAI.....A WHOLE ME!! See major F-up nah...im front of the babe wey i dey try toast again??  So in order not to retaliate and kill school megaurd, i just went straight to my dorm, packed my bags, and straight to Yankee...that was the last time i stepped my foot on that school. Can u imaging ohh...when dem don flog me tire for Secondary school, then na for University dem go still dey flog me again....Dem chop Krase?  In fact make i no continue to dey talk self, if not i go just start to dey vex again.


  1. Hmm u get luck sef, 4 say fada Edeh catch u with fair babe na guard room u for enter. U neva hear say im force students go im crusade 4 easter where them for go house 4 easter break n say if u wan go house u must enter im transport. Na wah 4 dat senior seconday sckool sef.

  2. Na so dem dey yeye for dat school. Dey form say na dem holy pass dey collect outrageous school fees were dem no even get comon toilet for students. N i hear say bathroom no dey sef, say even girls dey bath for outside.