Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A Certain Naija film maker was arrested by the Ghanaian police because they said he did not have permit to  shoot a movie in their country.

AH AH ...PERMIT KE? Abeg I gats LOL for this one jare...

As we all know, The Naija film industry (Nollywood), and the Ghanaian film industry (Ghollywood) both established a mutual agreement in the past where they could both operate in both countries without any problem. So me come dey wonder why Ghana just won start to dey fall our hand like this? or dem don join European Union? or cos dem believe say dem don better pass us?...SHOOOOOO!!!

You see this life is kinda funny shaa. So a whole Ghollywood get the balls to ask for permit from their papa wey train them? Chai..nothing wey person no go see for this world. Anyways i no blame them, cos na Nollywood wey give them the priviledge to insult them. If not, on a good day, who even watches Ghanaian movies self? Even Ghanaians no dey too watch their own movies. Ghanaian movies wey the actors dey hold the script for their hand dey act fact make i no even start.

But whatever the cause may be, let Nollywood and Ghollywood sort it out before it turns into smth else :)
Umm and this "wood" "wood" thing self don tire me jare. Which one come be Ghollywood ke? couldnt they come up with smth unique? Ghana Nawa 4 una ohh

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