Monday, July 12, 2010


You see its just so funny cos almost all the things i do predict, actually comes to past. If una fit remember, I've been crying it out that most of we Naija peeps need to visit Psychia hospital, cos we all get some sort of madness in us n stuff'. Well I'm happy now I'm not the only one saying it ehh
"National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) was recently put to task by the analysis of a psychiatrist who declared that out of every 10 Nigerians, seven displayed strange behaviour."

HA HA HA HA ...Well one thing i know for sure is that almost all our Politicians fall into those 7 peeps wey dem dey talk about here. As for me, i know for sure that I'm among the 3 people that are normal shaa. So make una figure out which one una dey. 

But on a serious note tho, i would really wonna know how da hell do these people come up with these their research analysis survey n' sh**. Like seriously tho 70%?  ah ah nah....So they trying to tell me that 70% of 150,000,000 people are mentally unbalanced? I think its about time they start banning all these organizations that conduct these yeye survey dem. I swear this Psychiatrist sampled only his patients for this survey :)

Although i dey vex for the survey, but come to think about it, a lot lot lot of we Naija peeps are really mentally unstable tho. Maybe even more than the 70% dem dey talk about self. Like seriously think about all the crazy sh** we be doing both inside and outside Naija :)
driving on a one way road, throwing trash on the roads, urinating anywhere urinatable, fighting randomly, being so aggressive for no damn reason, continuously disobeying the laws of the land, and so many more :)


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