Friday, July 16, 2010


Before i start to write anything self....make i shout out to Cabin Buscuit for keeping it real and keeping our childhood memories alive till today no easy ehh. Definitely my favorite buscuit of all time.....But come to think about it, that na the only Naija buscuit for Naija wey don see life ehh...Buscuit wey go soon dey reach a century :)  na come chop? Also a big shout out to these two red men..oops sorry, i meant this man and woman wey don dey hold the same one buscuit for over 99 yrs now.....I dey gbadun una juo :)

Anyways back to what i wanted to say.....So I was at work today, and for some reason, Cabin buscuit just come dey hungry me from nowhere. So I was like, hmmm...where man go fit organize better cabin buscuit now, so that i go fit chop am butter, or even soak am (my boarding skul peeps know what i mean). So I didnt even know what i was doing online, and before u know it, i came across this wierd site that call themselves "African Carribbean Grocery Delivery Service"
check out the link below

At first i was like okay, okay not bad at all...good concept n' sh**.........and when i scrolled down, i found out that they had my precious Cabin buscuit, and even blue band butter join self.....i didnt even know when i immediately shouted "CORRECT"...and all my colleagues just turned looking....anyways that one concern them.

Well, what really made me mad and i decided to express my anger here na just because of the price of the goods. FOR GOD'S SAKE why would they sell ordinary Cabin buscuit for $5.99 for small one, and $11.99 for big one.....WTF YO!!!!..cabin buscuit wey dem dey sell like N150 for Naija, na im person come here dey sell am for $11.99 which is almost going to N2000....FOR WHY NAH???...FOR WHY SELF???......SAY WETIN HAPPEN.???...Make dem carry their cabin dey go fact i no won chop again self......SHOOO.  Ok i'm lying, i still won chop Cabin shaa. but not at that ridiculous price :)

Abeg if anyone know where i can get cabin at a very cheap rate, or even for free (if possible) just holla me jare :)

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