Monday, July 26, 2010


Okay i just saw a news which said that "Nigerian soldiers fathered 250,000 children in Liberia" during that ECOMOG peace operation time
i'm like D-daaaaaaaaaaaaammmmn. Like seriously tho where da hell do they come up with all these random estimates self. and dem dey always like to round up the number to 000 :)
anyways back to what i was saying....Although that number sounds scary, but me self believe its kinda true. Cos when i been go Naija last yr, me and my friends been meet some kind soldiers wey been dey attached to PH Jint Task Force (JTF) and they been dey tell us their escapades for when dem been go Liberia and Serria dem take dey give different girls belle like say say na nothing.....Una dey see life? dem send person to go protect people, instead, as dem reach there, dem come dey molest the same peeps :)   And now see the result. We don get brothers and sisters for another man land :)    AWESOME

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