Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our dear Uncle Soyinka has announced that he will be forming his own political party of progressives that will contest for elections next yr.
This was what he had to say
"My generation has failed the nation," he said, pledging to launch the party in September and calling it an "organ of collaboration for progressive forces". I urge Nigerians to join the new party in order to unseat the ruling PDP"

Ahh Uncle Soyinka abeg u no need urge anybody jare. I dont know about u guys, but as for me, I think I've found my party ehh :)  Uncle abeg do sharp sharp dey form this party, cos me and i believe all other normal Nigerians dey very very much interested.


but.... umm so that means another yoruba man will be in power?...anyways shaaa i dont think I even care anymore...As long as he's doing the right thang in Office jare  :)



  1. Naija so much need innovation!! i don't even know where to start self. but i'm very glad that some prominent and well educated, well travelled and well intelligent nigerians are waking up and thats including me. chai we don suffer tire.. we so much need it god knows we do..
    but thank god for you alex and people like me and the avid readers here that wants to see changes cos me personally can't stand all this negative news about naija. both home and abroad. chai!!

    Mr. soyinka should be about change and bringing innovation in all aspect and area of naija.. eradicate every every..with that said its not going to be easy to eliminate these crooks and thieves wey full naija both politicians and citizens and foreigners, chai.. where u wan begin self? electricity? schools? roads? transportation? financial sector? mineral resources? proper hospital infrastructures? medicare for the citizens? poverty? hunger? Agricultural sec? stock market? naira value? and last but not the least the Nigerian Police Force? shit... well good luck mr soyinka. somebody has to do a good job to get my support first..

  2. Den you are so right. were we go even begin from. We just have a lot of isues. Only God will save us. But I'm happy too with Soyinka's move