Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Okay guys this is area is known as the Benin King Square and popularly known as Ring road. Umm to be honest tho when i first saw these pics, i was really skeptical, and thought it was one of those foreign countries n' stuff. But when i started scrutinizing the environment, na im i come know say na Benin for sure for sure ehh. The most obvious reason was that the only lights u can see on are the street and fountain lights.....and the residential areas are in total darkness...NEPA as usual :)    and the second reason be say me too know this area well well....those days wey boys dey enter Edo Line or Young Shall Grow dem from PH to Lag ;)

But seriously this is really nice tho. unbelievable. Thanks to Gov. Oshiomhole. This guy is just too much jare. He has really made a lot of changes in Benin. Hhmm....all those water fountain wey some of us for Naija don dey hear since, and na only for tv we dey see we don finally get opportunity to see one live and direct in our own land ehh. Anyways shaa my own problem be say make dem dey maintain am ohh, cos we all know say dat word "maintenance" nah Latin word for Naija Gov't  :)
While i believe this is a great step which will inturn promote tourism, but also i go dey happy if Edo Govt try do smth about their unemployment rate, cos a lot of criminals and touts full that zone... so no be water fountain wey man go chop for now nah :)


Only this last pic alone go make u believe say na Naija be that ehh....HA HA


  1. What a great suprise?, thank´s to God almighty for touching the heart of the leaders of the Edo state.