Thursday, July 29, 2010


Okay u guys remeber this Naija couple that just had a white pikin with black features, last week. So Now British doctors are now saying that more Nigerians may give birth to white children....HA HA

"According to them, many Nigerians may be harbouring long dormant Caucasian DNA from a long-forgotten interracial relationship and this may have led to the situation of Ben and Angela Ihegboro who gave birth to a blonde baby, Nmachi. there were evidences that many Nigerians had interracial relationships with Caucasians whose DNA are always very strong and which may have been dormant for many years."

Is it just me, or these doctors are high on smth, and then decided to talk babash?  cos me no just understand wetin dem dey jabo for hia? Okay example, lets all agree that a Naija girl had relationship with white guy like 4 yrs ago. So wetin dem dey try tell us now be say the onyibo man sperm fit still dey hide inside her coochi, after all those yrs?   Nna Nawa Ohh
In short, time don reach wey i no go dey listen to wetin most of these doctors dem dey talk self :) 
When some idiots just manage complete their 8 or 10 yrs of medical skul, dem go just come out dey yan pru-pru pra-pra.........which kind nonsense talk be this one ke

(nigerian tribune)


  1. Alex please dont show your ignorance on things you have no understanding about. All the doctors are saying is that somewhere in his/her ancestry, may have been a relationship with a caucasian...that would have been watered down through the years, but the white genes were dormant until now. Please get your facts straight before airing some of your unfunny views.

  2. LMAO....well my lil child i'm talking based on my own perspective...and THIS IS MY BLOG and I can say whatever the F*** I want.....and if u no like my unfunny views, then go tell ya mumsi that one, and stop coming to my blog then. Its as easy as ABC......foolish pikin :)

  3. @Anonymous, dd i jst read abt Alex views being unfunny? seriously? Then I think u re frustrated in life! Because his blog is one of d funniest blog i ve visited :-) go figure wots wrong with u.

    P.S: I see nothing ignorant abt wot he wrote!

  4. Alex you are very rude, I enjoy your blog a lot and have reffered a lot of friends to it... but for this article I dont agree to ur tone..however you have chosen to take criticism to a whole new level, and I will not drop down to that said level to grovel in the dust with you. As for the other comment...I wont be even bothered enuff to fart to that.

  5. You apparently have very limited understanding of genetics and English.

    Learn to properly write the last thing this world needs is more ignorance.