Thursday, July 1, 2010


FINALLY someone was bold enough to come tell it like it in FINALLY JUO

The owner of the Hamilton Parks County lodge, where the four gunmen robbed the Australian soccer fans, was contacted by Master Web news. He told the news team that the gunmen were South Africans and not Nigerians. On asking him how he knew the identity of the gunmen, he said: "I'm a South African and should know South Africans when I see them. Above all, I am an African and you know we know ourselves - I can tell a South African from a Nigerian. My guy also been talk say the female victim wasn't raped, but she was tied up with others in the same room, including him.

Umm in fact Kudos to the man jare, cos i know not every South African would even be bold enough to condemn their own peeps like this.

Well, my own happiness be say the gunmen have been identified. And thunder go fire all those peeps out there wey won spoil our image more. See these ordinary local Australians ohh....people wey be even generic version of UK ....and na im dem won F*** up our reputation....Chai nothing wey person no go see or even hear for this world...Anyways shaa make this world cup finish, make everybody do dey go back im mama land jare...IM DON DO...before another group of  fools insult us again....or we even insult ourselves this time around self :)

(nigerian masterweb)

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