Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Make una meet Mrs. Priscilla Obiefuna. She is very happy and proud of herself. And I am proud of her, and I hope u guys are proud of her too :)
At 9 yrs old when her dad died, she had to quit school and help her mum in order to support their family. Later she come marry, get two pikins, and one of them is 16yrs and in ss3 now. Anyways, while being a housewife, she still had the passion to go to skul. So luckily for her Former first Lady of Lagos, MrsTinubu introduced the "Alternative High School for Girls," and our aunty Priscilla was so excited and took great advantage of it.
And today the 54 yr old lady have completed her junior secondary school, and hopes to continue her education till she gets a degree in nursing.

HOW CUTE IS THAT!!!. I think i'm in love with this lady already. This just shows us that as long as life dey, it is never too late to do anything jare. Mummy thanks for motivating lazy people like me :)


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