Wednesday, June 30, 2010


OKAY NOW THAT'S SOME SERIOUS BULLSH**....LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF DOES THESE PEEPS TAKE US FOR!!!!.....Na so we go dey one day, dem go show us some foreigners for NTA news, dey tell us say demd on buy make we dey pack our things dey go.

How the hell will you appoint this thing right here, a convicted money launderer to a Federal Government committee.  So whatta heck is his duty gonna be there? Syphone more money or what? In fact I'm beginning to loose lots and lots of respect for you Mr. Goody or whatever. You see this is the reason why other countries never take us serious...hings like this....cos they all know most of these guys are criminals, but yet they are seen walking free in our society,without being convicted.

Well I think I've come to realize that it would be very hard for Naija to progress, as long as all these heafty ugly criminals and their gangs/cliques are still alive and walking as free as air in our society.

Anyways Baba God me self and other better Naija peeps out there don put our dear beloved country for your hand abeg..... cos we no fit do am without u.

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