Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Alright so I'm sure most of us have heard Dbanj's new song called Oliver Twist. Well, to be honest, I think the song is wack tho...but very catchy!!!  But as correct business men and smart entertainers, they've decided to turn it into a dance competition thingy. Basically, in order to enter the competition, all you need do is to post a video of you dancing to the Oliver Twist song. I'm guessing they looking for the most creative video or smth like that, and that would be the winner. Mehnnnnn Its so funny how these entertainers could actually influence our lives in various ways. I saw a couple of the videos people already posted....Even Onyibo babes sef follow post video of them doing Oliver Twist ehh...Infact no be small thing ohh.

Anyways as from today, I'll be posting various Oliver Twist dance videos on the right sidebar of this blog.....at least make una dey see the kind crazy dances wey people dey do...all in the name of Oliver Twist competition ke. I believe the competition started last week, and I no even know when the thing dey end sef...But till then, lets all have fun with this crazy mess that Dbanj and Don Jazzy and the rest of the Mohits crew have gotten most of us into......And some people are already calling me and telling me to do my own video...but i'm still thinking about it shaa :)

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