Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yeah okay so I know i've taken a lot of sweet looking pictures, and I'm happy with them, and also proud of my sexuality... lol. cos at the end of the day, I am not a sweet man in any form.
You know back in the days in Naija, and even till today, a lot of guys hold hands while walking....a lot of guys also have this feminine pose when taking pictures.......and most of the time, majority of them arent gay at all. So this has actually made it hard to conclude that someone is gay, just because of their pose in a particular picture. This has made it real hard to actually identify the gay peeps within our society, since plenty of them don dey wear camouflage). So I then came across this pic on a friend's friend's facebook profile pic...and I must say....IF THIS ISNT THE GAYEST NAIJA PICTURE EVER, THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE IS!!!!
And I'm sure y'all know say me get a couple of gay friends, and I'm mad cool with them. so i'm not trying to discriminate them or whatever. Its just that I couldnt stop laughing at this dude's picture. Like that hand on his cheeks, coupled with his cheesy smile? Come on nah. This guy sweetness don ripe well well jare...ha ha .


  1. OMG, how could someone take a video of that burning and still yet put it up on youtube? To me, he is a worst criminal than the people that burnt those men and even the men. How can people be so barbaric? Why didnt he video the faces of the burners or something.
    nawa4u, please remove that video. its not entertaining, its not educative...i know its your blog and all

  2. LOL...The guy is just sweet.LOL..

  3. Ginger na true u talk shaa...that sh** is so babaric...i go commot am jare

  4. Hmmm.... You don't need to "identify" any gay person. I'm sure you don't go around trying to "identify" straight folks... #just saying

  5. I've seen some really horrific burning videos, but this one takes the cake. The guy is struggling to breath (towards the end). It's very sad. No one has the right. VERY very sad and barbaric. Abeg you, for those who come to enjoy your blog (like me!), kindly remove the video, or stick it somewhere where it's not in our faces. It's such a temptation to just click "play" even if you don't want to. It ruined my morning just now.

    On to the pic...uh yeah, sweet as hell! But...he may not be gay o lol. This is probably all he knows. I'm sure if you give am street clothes to wear he'll strike a Jay Z 50 cent pose for you. All you have to do is direct him lol.