Wednesday, August 3, 2011


You see there are some similarities and differences between this dude and my guy VICK.O

Very strong/rough facial features. Infact ehn, they are the type of peeps that when they get arrested, even if they are innocent, your mind go just conclude say na them commit the crime jare; Extremely ibotic looking individuals; Miraculously found their way to travel out of dey Italy, the other one dey NewYork; Ridiculous/painful music videos; making very uncoordinated sounds here and there; Both n*ggas got no facial hair whatsoever...ha ha; 

Vick.O na calabar man...while this one na without doubt, a real Nna bros; Vick.O used a female model wey resemble person wey stroke been do for every part of her body.....while this dude actually used some nice chikitos in his video shaa (me sef even dey surprised ohh); This dude is actually having fun in his video and you can tell he's a funny guy too......but Vick.O on the other hand, takes his music videos and his music career in general very very serious ohh;

I do find this type of stuff mad funny. But I'm sure some people dont think that way cos they feel songs like this are just messing up Naija's music reputation...ha ha 

Ok I know this is so random, but..ummm....isnt it funny how when most Naija boys manage to travel to Europe or Yankee, the first thing wey dey shack them for head na to get onyibo girlfriend. and dem go just dey happy, dey pose with the onye ocha gial say dem win lottery...ha ha 


  1. listening to this song was soo painful! lolz. meanwhile alex e be like say this guy nose ehh, he can deprive u of oxygen if he stands anywhere near u!

  2. OMG what the hell is this...him and VIC.O and i wonder who dey drag
    This is serious

  3. HA AH my people una dey see the kind talent we get for Naija...anyways i'm not surprised
    @Jade....clearly Vick.o jare
    @beauty Magnet....HA HA I didnt even notice it at first...lmao

  4. lolol...meanwhile Alex, check out linda ikeji's blog( for scandalous gist regarding ur school mate Mercy Johnson...Yawa don gas!

  5. no mind that babe jare...she just dey fall all of us hand these days