Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Come on nahh.....these kids wer hungry and had to eat smth. why the whole falling of their hand nah?
You see there are certain things I no like about this whole scenario.

The first one is about the rate at which people be taking crazy pics in Naija these days. Its like everybody got their camera phones alert, and ready to take pictures of any crazy event they find themseves in. Cos when I first saw this pic, laugh been wan kill me ehh...but some seconds later, I was like "Did someone actually stood there to take this picture of these two kids holding an agric fowl"  Like seriously tho? These kids already look petrified, and to now bring out a camera and take a picture of them untop of it? come one nah...ha ha. For their mind, dem don dey think of the kind flog wey dem go first receive, then followed by the main event...."reporting to their papa and mama"
Secondly, if these kids were actuallly trying to steal this okuko, then what were their motives prior to them getting caught? I would have said they were just trying to chase the fowl around the area, and later let it go. I dont know about you guys, but I was one kid that loved chasing fowl. Infact i chased so many chickens that it even became my hobby....ha ha. Definitely one of the main things that makes me miss my childhood days. And I wouldnt mind doing it at this age shaa. Even when I been dey Naija some months ago, I been dey see plenty fowl just dey roam about, and something inside me was like "O boy see birds ehh...wetin u dey wait for sef?....come on go pursue them jare."  But another thing was telling me "O boy shun that thing jare..u be person papa now, and im go dey somehow say u come back from Yankee dey pursue fowl." So after much consideration, I went with my second thought. But if I get that oppotunity again ehn....u already know nah ;)

Okay back to what i was saying....yeah so if these kids plan was to steal and eat this agric fowl, then I was just wondering who was going to do the whole killing, cleaning the body parts, and then do the cooking :(     clearly none of them. Or were they trying to catch the fowl and use it for some crazy experiments (just like I use to do back in the days..ha ha)
Well, whatever the case may be, I just feel these kids have been abused, disgraced and violated.....and they deserve and apology....and I fit guarantee you say that fowl don enter an unknown person belle tay tay.

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