Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So this is how they usually shoot all those nollywood videos that show when someone dey untop okada...ehhhhhhnnn.....infact why should i be surprised sef. Ordinary safety precaution, we no dey take. Just look at this bullcrap right here. First of all the life of these 3 fools are in great danger, cos if smth happen by mistake now, all of dem go wound scatter. Secondly, this is one very ridiculous and disturbing position. DAMN YO......too much genital rubbing and sh**.......rider getting it both from the back and front. You see  if person wey no from Africa see this kind thing, dem go think say na one kind immoral activity dey go on here.....whereas its not.
But mehn, its crazy how the society in which you live in can really influence you shaa. Before I came to Yankee, I never even saw sitting behind an okada man as anything. But when person don stay for any of these western countries where people are very conscious of all this gay stuff.....before you know it, you yourself go start to dey feel somehow sef. As I dey now, anytime I go Naija and I enter any okada, i go just dey laugh.....cos as much as there's nothing to it, at the same time, its mad funny tho.....HA HA .....But this one right here?...I no even know wetin I go call this one....and the rider seems to very very happy and pretty comfortable too :) nawa ohh


  1. Ewww ooo... is this for real? hahahah...Nigerian my country.

  2. no mind dem, na so dem dey take deceive their papa..

  3. HAHAHAHA LOL!! oh gosh! ha! LOL!!!!!!!! infact how i wan take make una undersand this laugh? oh hilarious!!!!!!