Monday, August 22, 2011


Okay I don't know if you guys are aware that Mikel Obi's pupsi was kidnapped in Jos, and the abductors contacted his family and asking for N20 milla before dem release am. But nawa kidnappers don even reach Jos area?...shoooo. And come to think about it, why the heck is this dude's parents residing in Jos, of all freaking places ke? Nawa ohh.
With all the money the kid is making, so he couldnt send his parents to any nice and safe place (that's if anywhere for Naija dey safe now sef) other than Jos?  Its even a shame to hear that his parents were kidnapped in Jos, of all big f**k up nah. There's no way in this world that I will be a millionaire/celeb, and yet my direct family members no dey reside in a safe place...thats some bullsh** right there. Anyways wetin concern me sef. N20 milla should be a change for Obi nah....afterall he makes up to 80K pounds a what are we talking about sef.

Well, I wish im papa a safe stay over there, until im pikin decide to pay the ransom.....Cos that boy resemble person wey go stingy die, and im go wan dey do "lets negotiate lets negotiate". and I'm not saying this for saying sake. But I know this cos I've seen him before, and I also know some peeps who have had dealings with him in one way or the other....and what they all say is that he's such an a**hole and mad disrespectful.......what a DOUCHEBAG!!!!!!!


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