Friday, August 26, 2011


So there's this Big Hurricane that should be hitting the east coast area of Yankee.

 "Commuter transit systems in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia will shut down services because of Hurricane Irene.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says public transportation in New York City will shut down at about noon on Saturday. According to the governor's office, the Metropolitan Transit Authority will institute a system-wide shutdown when subways and buses begin their final runs starting at approximately noon."

As in ehhn, they way dem dey talk about the hurricane ehhn, no be small thing ohh. Since morning, na so so Hurricane Irene wey all the news channels just dey talk. and the way dem dey talk am ehn, like say na judement day wey dey come so. Yes I know its gonna be a really bad hurricane that will destroy lots of stuff. But on the other hand, Yankee pees too dey over exaggerate anything wey dem dey do sometimes. Me sef no dey too believe in all this weather forecast sometimes. There have been a couple of incidents where dem talk say heavy rain go fall..infact thunder, lighting and even hail go follow join. But at the end of the day, the weather would be so nice and sunny as f**k. Everytime this people wan dey try guess wetin Nature wan do....nawa ohh.
Well, as I was saying, so I went to my neighbors house yesterday, and he told me he did some shopping so that when the hurricane (which should last for two days) hits, they will have food to eat till its over. Na im I come see torch light inside im shopping bag...I was like shooooo!!! so this thing serious reach? Sotey my guy even go buy torch light and candle join ke? Okay ohh. And he was actually nervous about the whole thing. I ask my guy wetin im wan use the torch light do? And he was like "I got it just incase the power goes off. You know this is scary, cos I dont know what I would do if the power goes off." Na im I just dey laugh inside my mind. I just dey imagine if dem carry all this peeps for here go Naija. By the time wey dem no see electricity for 1 full day, dem go believe ehh...ha ha.
Anyways what I'm trying to imply be say, after the whole conversation between me and my neighbor, I later went back to my place and was like "DAMN....we dey really suffer for Naija (and Africa in general) ohh. Infact we don dey so used to the hardship, sotey it has actually become part of us, and we now see it as normal stuff.
You see as this Hurricane is about to happen, everybody over here are being proactive..people buying food for the whole weekend; people using sandbags to surround their houses; so that water no go leak enter inside their basement; and the government has already provided shelter zone for the homeless. Infact people are just doing everything to make sure there's no casualty whatsoever.
But if na for Naija wey something like this wan happen ehhnn.....infact make I LOL first.......cos the only thing wey u go hear for news be say "very heavy rain wan fall". And thats even if there will be any medium of communication to send out such news...cos i'm 110% sure say NEPA go don take their light hours before..or even days before sef . And instead of everybody to dey inside house, na during this kind period wey local peeps go wan come out dey baff for rain, dey talk say dem dey swim and sh** like that. Na also during this kind period wey touts dey even make money so dem go dey find car wey don quench inside water, make dem push am.....Mehn I swear the only time you can finally agree that we live in a Jungle na when you travel outside Naija to the western countries....CHAI
Anyways shaa, make this "Hurricane Irene" do come dey go jare. Cos I no like when things like this dey mess up with my weekend paroles. But at the same time, I'm kind of excited to experience this kind thing... and as an adventurer (which I am), I dey really hope to capture part of this Hurricane on camera, and show you guys. But incase I no post anything from now till Tuesday, then that one be say I don fall major victim of "Hurricane Irene"  :(
But nawa ohh...."Before na Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Todd, Hurricane Laura. Now na Hurricane Irene" and I bet you na one idiot wey dey give all this hurricanes their names. I no go surprise one day we go hear say "Hurricane Emeka" don dey enter there you go know say wahala don dey nah ...ha ha

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