Monday, August 22, 2011

MAN RAPES GOAT..........WTF????

A middle-aged man, Nasiru Ishaku, was, on Tuesday, sentenced to a six-month jail by a Bauchi chief magistrates' court, for having sexual intercourse with a she-goat. The she-goat, according to the police prosecutor, belonged to one Mallam Bala of Federal Low Cost Housing Estate, Bauchi, adding that the animal, valued at N20,000, was rendered useless after the sexual act.

Okay so there are two things i found very interesting in this news......Firstly, that aspect of the goat being "rendered useless after the sexual act" HA HA HA HA ....Anyways I for like know wetin dem mean by rendered useless shaa. Is it that dem no go wan chop the goat again?.....or the goat's reproductive organs don dey f**ked up?.... or the goat now has mental issues/trauma as a result of the rape? Well I'm guessing they are talking about the meat aspect...cos I dont think I would like to eat a molested goat neither :(

And the second thing about this story that I found interesting was the timing. "Isnt this suppose to be the month of Ramadan?" Well I'm guessing my dude couldn't take the p***y drought he had to go find another means of satisfying himself ....You see the kind things wey people dey do ehhn....its just unbelievable. And what kills me the most is that these are just the people that were caught ohh....Therefore can you now imagine how many animal f**kers are out there roaming the streets and acting all innocent?

(nigerian tribune)

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