Monday, August 1, 2011


(Betty nawa 4 u and these pics ohh)

And am I supposed to be surprised about this pikin's reaction?......HECK NO!!!!!

So yesterday, me and my younger bros were just talking about how the bible says that "money is the ruth of all evil." And to my own perspective, I believe that's one of the realest phrases in the bible. If you just relax and think about it, everyone on earth wants to make money somehow...cos if u no get money, then that mean say hunger and poverty go be your real tight men. Think about it, we all go to school so that we can be able to graduate and start making money in our various fields.
You wake up every morning from monday to friday, and go to work......and at the end of every two weeks or month, u get paid. Every damn thing boils down to money. If u no get money, u are f**ked. If you come get nko, ur own better...but you still mad greedy and looking to make more.
I swear this whole money hungry situation is just so much in Naija....As in people are ready to do anything these days without caring if they will actually live to spend the so called money or not.....especially my igbo peeps :(

Ha ha be honest tho, I fit conclude say na we Naija peeps like money pass jare...whether young or old. I remember back in the days when visitors go come visit my parents for our house...and when they're about to leave, I dey always make myself very available so that they will remember to drop smth for me. Even if they dont notice my presence at first, by the time I start to dey shout "uncle ba-bye, aunty ba-bye"...them go see my by force nah :)   Sometimes some of them go just dash you like N50, while some would be generous enough to give you up to N500.... which was good pay back in the primary and secondary school days ohh......and my mumsi will be like "oya tell uncle/aunty thank you." And as soon as she comes back from escorting the peeps, I already know the next question coming up....."where is the money they gave you?" And Aa young as I was then, that question used to piss me off so bad....just cos I don already dey plan how I go use take the money buy some kind stuff for myself. And the worst of all na when ur parents (esp mums) take the money, and they begin to preach to you about how they are saving the money for you, and they will give it to you at a certain age when it gets to a reasonable amount. And I'm telling you guys that till today, my mama never give me any of the money wey she collect from me when I was a kid. Anytime I bring the issue up, she go just give me her finishing move question....."Where do you think your provisions and pocket money in secondary school came from?"..........and inside me, am like WTF????? thats some serious bulllllsh** (I was saying this inside my mind ohh...ha ha ) Anyways I bet we've all experienced this type of sh** from our parents somehow. And I cant wait to do this same sh** to my son....ha ha
Anyways in a nutshell, we Nigerians too luv money, regardless of how young or old we are. As I always say, "money isnt everything, but money is everything."


  1. Alex I laffed till i shed tears for this article, I thot I was the only one. The worst was that sometimes popsi go kunk my head for appearing when the uncles and aunties were leaving..too funny honestly.

  2. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil....
    1 Timothy 6:10

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