Monday, August 29, 2011


Hey guys, meet Alhaji Sunusi Bello (bottom right of the pic), a 55 yr old man who resides in Kano with his family. So last week, his 50 yr old mud house collapsed and killed his wife and his five children. How painful. Probably the worst thing that could happen to any man shey? I wouldnt even wish such type of tragedy for my enemy you know :(
But what really drove me nuts about this whole story was that when this bush-baby was being interviewed, this was what he had to say:

 "I have not lost anything, Allah has simply taken back what He gave in trust".

Yo Son, you've lost your whole in your wife, and your whole 5 kids who would have had a great future ahead. And you talking about "you have not lost anything?"
Nawa ohh. I no just understand some peeps sometimes you know. Yes its good to have faith in whichever God you worship. Afterall no be sometime similar wey been do Job for bible? But I'm very very sure as much as Job had faith in God, my guy was depressed, and almost died when God took his family. But thats not the case of this Alhaji wey dey here. My guy no even send on bit say im whole family don kpeme sef.

The tragedy-struck man has, however, continued to display uncommon stoicism about his fate as sympathisers daily throng the home of his next door neighbour where he is presently taking refuge to offer their condolences. Indeed, he maintained a calm and untroubled mien during a chat with Vanguard Metro."

Umm Yeah, this aboki is definitely on some type of drugs or smth. Cos you can't tell me that your whole family just died, and you just chilling, and with no remorse, talking about "Allah has taken what he gave me"......For real son???!! Well, I'm very much sure that if you werent living in an old mudhouse, your family wouldnt have been dead by now. It's that be rocket science or anything else.
You see I dont know why we Naija peeps always want to say "Its God that caused this" "Its Allah that caused that." Its about time we should realize that sometimes, the slightest decision you may take could change your destiny for either good or bad. Thats why God gave each of us freaking brains to know whats right or wrong, and make our own decisions......JEEEZ...must everything be directed back to God/Allah...nawa 4 us ohh!!!

But isn't it funny say na we Naija peeps dey carry Christianity and Islam for head pass for this world. But at the end of the day, we not even prospering, and we still dey the same place wey the onyibo man been keep us :(



  1. but really what was he meant to do...this is the height of grief...when you feel NOTHING! My aunt lost her baby and she was all smiles and all for the first 7 its finally hitting her what happened/

  2. Ok you sound a tad insensitive. People grief differently. It may sound absurd to people like u & I but some people are able to overcome grief by accepting it as their faith or acting all non-chalant about it.
    Who is to say the man isn't hurting inside?
    Some people really do not like pity parties.

    And RE: Him living in a mud house, well I'm pretty sure if he could afford a better house, he would have.

    On the other hand, u do raise some valid points.
    Nigerians, (matter of fact Africans in general) are the most hypocritical people I have ever come across.
    Africans act like they are holier than Angel Gabriel, yet the worst atrocities occur in Africa.
    Africans like to use God or the devil (depending on when it applies) as an excuse for lack of common sense and even an act(s) of wickedness.

    I could give countless examples but those who know what I am talking about, know.

    Like u rightfully said, after all said and done, "we still dey the same place where the oyibo man keep us."
    Lool that was funny by the way but sadly true.

    p.s- I am not sure what it is abt your blog that makes my computer run really slow.

  3. But isn't it funny say na we Naija peeps dey carry Christianity and Islam for head pass for this world. But at the end of the day, we not even prospering, and we still dey the same place wey the onyibo man been keep us :(

    LMAO...ure too funny i beg