Monday, August 8, 2011


So a nun in Enugu took a Catholic Bishop and Chief priests to court over alleged fornication.  She said she couldn't endure it anymore cos the wahala was getting too much and she no wan enter am. She talk say no be today wey the Bishop and other priests don dey try to bang her....but she no gree for any of them. Na so this guys come vex, dem come dey find different ways wey dem go fit take eliminate the poor woman so that she no go report anybody about wetin these hungry men been wan do her behind closed doors.

You see the kind nasty nasty things wey all these so called reverend fathers them dey do ehhn...its just disturbing you know. What's the essence of trying to do reverend father work, and at the same time, conji go just dey hold you up and down, left right center :(
Na by force to be Father ke? nawa to people ohh. If the Father work dey hard you (cos u no fit miliki any woman) then why living such a deceitful life huh? My friend just take off your white garment and quit jare...that would be better and safer. Or I guess dem want to eat their cake and have it too shey. Na exactly this kind thing dey kill us for Naija......what a bunch of hungry baboons claiming to be priests.

To my own perspective, I think there are three types of priests. The ones that are actually clean, and they probably make up for about 1% of the priest population in Naija....The second type na the ones wey dey kill or chop p***y in a very coded way...and I think they make up for about 70%. Then the third types na the ones wey dey fear say dem go catch them if they go after any p***y...therefore the only wey for them to satisfy their sexual fantasies na to dey jerk off behind closed doors during their free time....and they prob make up for the remaining 29%....and if care is not taken, they are very very much likely to join the other 70% as time goes on. HA HA   crazy people.

(vanguard online)

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  1. This is nothing compare to the what is happening there. I went to a catholic school and a friend of mine whose family could not afford to pay her school fees was geting regular sex from a priest in exchange for school fees. What a pity!