Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hell yeah with such name alone, thats the more reason I should be shaking..and even shivering sef...!!!!
Don't get me wrong ohh...I dont mind drinking pure water at all. Matter of fact, I think I even drank more pure water than bottle water when I was in Naija. Yeah cos as a typical Naija guy, me no get time for all that efizzy/classiness/fake life wey guys dey do when dem come back from Yankee or Jand. Thinks like trying to drink only bottled water when you in Naija, and you try to defend yourself by saying that your system is now adjusted to Yankee/jand water ,and if you now drink pure water, it will affect your health. REALLY? getta f**k outta here jare....fake a** peeps. Or peeps that try to speak only phoneh when dem go Naija. The one wey dey even kill me pass na those Naija peeps wey never dey Yankee for even up to 3yrs, and when they want to go to Naija for vacation, they'll be talking about going to get vaccinated for malaria before dem enter Naija. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????? Infact lemme not even continue cos I no wan start to dey vex now. But all U naija peeps that are involved in this type of fake life sh** in one way or the other...make una repent ohh.
Anyways back to what I was saying....yeah so I dont think my lips would be anywhere close to this satchet of water. The name alone sounds like it was formed by some group of touts who just gathered together and decided to startup a water business.....................
And please dont tell me I'm seeing a NAFDAC registration number on that thing?    Oh Lord!!


  1. lol @ "Hell yeah with such name alone, thats the more reason I should be shaking..and even shivering sef...!!!!"

    Ok, in defense of people who only drink bottled water when they go to naija, i've been here for 9 years and i ONLY drink bottled water here. It's So why would i go to naija and go drink tap water? No be everybody dey form o.

  2. okay Madame Sting na true wey u talk. At least u got justifyable reasons to drink only bottled water.....
    But me dey talk about those people that grew up drinking pure tap water..as in water straight from the rusted tap.....and all of a sudden, when dem manage to travel and come back to Naija, dem go dey do like say even shit sef no dey come out of their nyash...u know nah

  3. The name is super razz! No shaking? for real? I will have to disagree on the fact that u said people take vaccination before the enter Naija... i am going very soon and i swear i will take vaccination cos of malaria because i haven't been there in a very long time.

  4. Chai! Nothing wey persin no go see for Naija. Na which ones come be "No Shaking Pure Water" again? And people are really suppose to drink this?

  5. You dey craze,that useless pure water wey dey even give Nigerians wey live for Naija Typhoid!Make I come risk my life and drink am? This is not an issue of showing off or efizzy , it is pure common sense!I drink am once for Ghana I nearly die self.Your immune system does change depending on your life style, u think say normal person fit sleep outside like mallam and dey shit for corner and drink some kind well water and still survive?On this issue I must disagree with you.It is very irresponsible of you to encourage Nigerians in diaspora to drink pure water