Monday, August 1, 2011


Jos-The Plateau State Government has said the barring of females from wearing trousers at the state secretariat and other government offices was part of the campaign against indecent dressing.
Head of Service in the state, Mr. Moses Gwom who gave the clarification in an interview with newsmen said it was also in line with the 10-point agenda of Governor Jonah Jang's administration of which ethical re-orientation was one.

Okay so thousands have been killed; hundreds of thousands are either homeless, or have relocated to safer regions; people are living in fear; religious and political uncertainty still exists......Different solutions need to be brought up in order to tackle the present situation in Jos. But instead, the govt feel barring women from wearing trousers na the most important thing for their agenda right now.

I dont just understand these our so called leaders/govt sometimes. Whats wrong if a lady wears working trousers to work. It so unfortunate that there are some poeple out there wey wan turn Naija to Sudan, or Saudi Arabia or Iran, where the rights of women dey limited.

There are some things I just find really crazy tho. Just like last week I heard on the news that one of the countries in the Middle East was going to penalize a lady for driving.   ?????????????????????????????
As in WTF is wrong with some people for goodness sake. These our Arab brothers ehhn, sometimes i no just understad where some of them actually think from...brain or nyash??...Umm prob nyash i guess :(

But yeah this whole women barred from wearing trousers is TOTAL BULLSH**......Mr Governor pls lets talk about how we gonna build back the city of Jos...and stop talking about what women should wear and not wear.....
I believe people should be able to wear whatever the f**k they feel like wearing, as long as its appropriate at their place of work....PERIOD. Soon now, we go hear say some silly idiots killed a woman because she was wearing trousers...and before you know whats going on, its gonna escalate into a religious turmoil as usual. I just tire jare



  1. This is a case of mis-place priority in the place of the governor of Jos. What is his business with what people are wearing? The last time i checked, trousers are the safest for a lady cos there is very little exposure for the male counterpart to view. Mr Governor please set your state in order.

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA GOD I BEG O HA HA HA HA HA... i do laugh am finish before i type am o. make una no think say i don de crase like some of our so called "leaders". time out...

    PS: no vex say I post as anonymous. meanwhile wetin be anonymous papa name self? The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.