Monday, August 30, 2010


 SHOOOOO.....wetin come be all this killin n be like say this na the season wey guys their blood don dey hot. So this fugly mofo right here, uncle Emmauel, just killed his lover, aunty Paulina
Why?.....just beacuse while they were chilling together in her room which he rented for her, she received a phone call. So now my guy come dey feel say Paulina dey do some kind back yard runs. Na so arguement don start, and later aunty Paulina fell down during a scuffle, and she never got up (according to wetin im tell us ohh). He told police he didnt mean to kill her....they were just playing......LOL..which kind nonsense play come be that one self...i weedah ohh.
And mind u, this same Uncle Emma lives with his wife and his 5 children ohh....So come there's some kind of in-balance guy dey chop two bush-meat at once, but he didn't want the deceased to do the same...ha ha ....we too much ehh :)

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