Monday, August 16, 2010


Abeg i would really love to know what happened in this news. I dont have the full info...but with the little i got here, you can vivdly see that this is just one out of 100,000 naija pastors that was exposed. So can u just imagine how many girls out there that have been used by these various vagabonds called pastors..all in the name of "spiritual healing" "God's favor" "devine touch" "fruit of the womb" and all those themes they be using to attract their victims. And what actually pisses me off is that these stuff occur on a daily basis in most of these churches in Naija, and yet the victims barely come out to expose the pastor....Well i guess is either the women are scared to say smth, or dem follow dey enjoy am then :)
But on a serious note tho, i swear if i had the power, i will scrap out 95% of the churches in Naija, especially the individually owned ones.  Cos as far as I'm concerned, most of these so called pastors wey just dey open church anyhow are criminals, touts and illiterates. preach one thing, and do another...smchew

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