Monday, August 16, 2010


Someone just sent me this byday picshure, and the first thing that caught my eyes were the characters (esp the most conspicuous one) ...and i was like "why the heck dont they make these characters look somewhat real?" Like seriously why da heck is that Barney custome head color look washed/faded?
 This made me immediately remember my childhood days. But at the same time shaa, I was just wondering if a lot of kids still fall for this crap. I dont know bout u guys, but when i was a pikin, i remember my mumsi taking me to their NNPC end of year party, or the NTA christmas party which they used to broadcast on TV. To be honest tho, none of the characters ever excited me at least for 1 minute, cos i just used to have this thing back in my mind that they were not the real characters that i watched on TV :)  dem go bring out micky mouse custume wey one of the ears dey fall. And their clowns no dey try at all.....dem no dey even put those red balls for their nose, or even wear white gloves, at least to make them look like the real clowns that I saw on tv. And as for their father fact na that one dey fall my hand scatter. 
Anyways i dont know if it was just me that felt like this...or maybe i just had my own issues when I was a kid :(
But abeg if u also felt the same way, pls let me know. this way I wouldnt feel bad bout myself :)  This way me and you can team up and save our present` and future Naija kids from this obnoxious bootleg character exploitation by our parents :)

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