Monday, August 23, 2010


I dont know bout u guys, but i grew up drinking kwunu and Zobo. I prob drank them (esp Zobo) like everyday of my life from JSS1 to JSS3 during my Airforce secondary school days in PH.  As of then they used to put them inside the pure water package and sell them in school. Chai, just remembering those days of "Aunty give me one zobo, one kwunu and two wraps of Agidi"....CHAI U GO FEAR NAH

So I was very excited when i saw this new package. THIS IS AWESOME. whoever taught about this is a genuis jare. I can bet u if they market this product very well, it will certainly do better than all those caprison and lacasera dem wey full everywhere, dey give people diabetes anyhow. And the good thing too is that this is a very healthy drink. Pls if u havent tried Zobo before, I suggest u do...abeg i dey take Baba name beg u...i promise u go like am.

U see this is what we're talking about. It would be nice for us to invest more in our home made goods as well as patronizing them. This way we no go dey depend on any country juo, thereby leading to our economic growth ......shikina!!

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